What you should bring with you on your hospital visit.

Most consultations are on referral from your family veterinarian. Your family veterinarian should have sent a referral form, and all of the pertinent diagnostics and test results, prior to your visit. You may be asked to hand deliver radiographs and CDs containing information. At ProFormance Canine, Inc. we will see patients that have not previously been seen by a family veterinarian.

What to expect during your visit:

  1. You will be greeted by one of our customer care specialists and asked to review you and your pet’s information. Please give the customer care specialist any information sent with you by your family veterinarian.
  2. You may have a short wait in our beautiful reception area. Check out our Friends and Patients photo album! We understand your time is valuable, and strive to keep our appointments on time.
  3. A patient coordinator will escort you into an exam room to clarify any of the referral information and check your pet’s vital signs.
  4. After the specialist has reviewed all of the referral information, they will be in to speak with you and examine your pet.
  5. The doctor will explain their physical exam findings, their interpretation of any diagnostic tests, and give recommendations for treatment. Please come with a list of questions. It is our objective to make sure you understand everything about your pet’s medical care at ProFormance Canine, Inc.
  6. You will be given a formal written estimate of care for your pet. The coordinator will go over this and make sure you understand everything about the care we will be providing for your pet.
  7. The coordinator will then schedule a convienient time for your pet’s medical care.

The day of your pet’s procedure:

  1. For surgery or medical work-ups you will generally be asked to have your pet at the hospital in the morning. No food or water should be permitted after Midnight the day of the procedure.
  2. Check-in with the customer care specialists who will have all of your previously filled-out information. They will confirm any contact phone numbers for that day.
  3. Your pet will be admitted to the hospital by one of our veterinary technicians. They will do a final confirmation of the procedure to be done and which leg, etc if necessary. We have five levels of checks and balances on left and right, so please bear with us to make sure we provide the absolute best care for your pet.
  4. We ask for a deposit of 75% of the total estimated invoice at the time your pet is admitted to the hospital.
  5. The doctor will call after the procedure to let you know how your pet is doing and when you can come to pick-up. You can call anytime to check on your pet or get an update of when the procedure will be performed.

Download a Referral Form