Let’s Get You Back In The Game Sooner!

The most advanced orthopedic solutions for your performance dog includes rehabilitation and conditioning with:
  • Acupuncture to counteract pain and reduce medication
  • Laser to lessen the after effects of injury and speed healing
  • Massage to reduce swelling, stress, contracture and pain

Dr. Edward Leonard is pleased to join the team at ProFormance Canine, Inc., a comprehensive sports medicine facility at Vetcision hospitals. He uses acupuncture, laser and massage, integrated into conventional veterinary health care to reduce pain and swelling, and to increase flexibility, strength, and endurance. Dr. Leonard is excited to add his therapeutic expertise to the team of diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation specialists at ProFormance Canine, Inc. -all with the same goal: to push the limits of current medical care and return these athletes to their full performance level.

But these treatments are not just for athletes. All patients will benefit from the rehabilitation strategies we have developed at ProFormance Canine, Inc. Pets that have undergone orthopedic surgeries. Pets with medically treated injuries. Pets with degenerative joint disease (arthritis).

If you have any questions about how we can care for your animal, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (978) 391-1500. Thank you!