Hydrotherapy has been used to treat humans for centuries and the same methods have been formalized to treat equines and canines as well. Doctors began noticing the impact of cold sea water treatment on race horses, which is still being practiced today, and started making devices that could replicate the benefits of the sea water therapy. Hydrotherapy pools were then designed specifically for canine treatment.

Dogs are typically placed in a harness that is suspended in warm water above a treadmill. Although the treatment was spawned from cold water therapy, these pools are heated to relax the muscles and joints, creating a controlled and comfortable environment for your dog. Jets are often added to create resistance and enhance the physical therapy.

There are a variety of conditions that can be treated with hydrotherapy. Most often are conditions related to the spine or joints, but the method can be different depending on what your dog needs.

Dogs that are born with congenital conditions can use hydrotherapy to maintain their strength as they grow, and older dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia can use the therapy to maintain their strength and mobility as well.

If your pets is recovering from surgery, hydrotherapy is often recommended to help them heal and build muscle at the same time. The stiffness is taken away from the joints, allowing for an increase in motion and decrease in swelling.

Dogs that are overweight tend to have problems with their spine and can also benefit from hydrotherapy because it takes the pressure away from their back and allows them to exercise. The dog will often lose weight while improving the condition of their heart and lungs.

Canine hydrotherapy is a great way to help your dog maintain an active lifestyle. Regardless of the condition, the results are the same. Your dog will be in less pain, more active, and a lot happier.

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