Dr. Huss performed two TPLO surgeries on our beloved Rottweiler approximately 10 years ago at Vetcision in Waltham. We followed the regiment laid out clearly for us by Dr. Huss and our dog regained full mobility.

Our current Rottie required the same surgery after it became apparent that her injury was not going to heal on it’s own. We did consultations with some great organizations and in the end we went with Dr. Huss. Although there are certainly a plethora of options for TPLO procedures in the Metrowest Boston area today, Dr’s Huss’s knowledge and experience with this particular surgery is unparalleled. Rest assured that your canine will get the absolute best pre and post-op treatment and direction possible. We are very happy that ProFormance Canine is open.
Thank you, Dr. Huss and staff.

Brandee and Matte H.

I was referred to Proformance Canine and Dr. Huss after my Peek a poo Lucy started limping on her hind leg. It was determined that she needed to have TPLO surgery. Dr. Huss advised that it was possible she would need the same surgery on her other hind leg in the future. Dr. Huss and the rest of the staff set my mind and fears to rest by explaining everything that was going to happen in the surgery and aftercare. They made themselves available for any questions. At Lucy’s 2 week follow up appointment, Dr. Huss advised that while Lucy’s leg that she just had surgery on was healing, she did, in fact, have to have the same surgery on her other hind leg once her current leg heals. Lucy has since had both surgeries and is healing quite nicely. I want to note that every time I called the office, the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I was a very worried momma at times and they treated me and my dog with such compassion that I never felt that I was annoying them with my concerns and questions. I really appreciate everything Dr. Huss and the rest of the team at Proformance Canine have done for Lucy.
Facebook, AD B.


Dr. Huss and his staff performed two hip surgeries on my then puppy many years ago and helped him (and me) have a long happy life together, well beyond promises and expectations. But, with time my beloved aging dog has reached a point when getting up was obviously painful and moving about was a challenge. Needless to say watching the ailing pet is painfully sad, to say the least…But as luck had it ProFormance Canine opened nearby! And the good doctor and his most knowledgeable, supportive, and kind staff have delivered another miracle! Actually two miracles…After two surgeries on both knees the old puppy is BACK!!! Seeing him get up without pain and come greet me happily wagging his tail every day – priceless! I cannot thank and recommend these incredible miracle workers highly enough! Thank you Dr. Huss and ProFormance Canine!


I absolutely love the Drs and staff at Vetcision. They are warm & caring, knowledgeable & professional. I felt at ease entrusting them to care for my dog.
I’ve seen both Dr. Huss and Dr. Cash. Both are absolutely wonderful.
Vetcision’s prices are on point. I didn’t feel like I was being gouged or taken advantage of. All treatment options were discussed and I didn’t feel pressured to go with the most expensive option.
Yelp.com, Watertown, MA


Dear Dr. Huss, Betsy, Danny, Dr. Benson and the entire Vetcision team:
Thank you all for helping our precious Annie with such a spectacular and optimistic outcome!! She may be a labrador, but she is an integral and much treasured member of our family. We are truly grateful for your care and talents. Thank you!
The Edmonds Family and Annie too! xxoo


Dear Dr. Huss,
A little over 3 years ago, you performed a tricky operation on our beloved pussy cat Random. She was 18 years old and had heart, kidney and thyroid issues, and then she developed skin cancer on her pink and white ear. You were cautious about agreeing to do the operation and she did not make things easy for you when her heart stopped but you brought her back to us. She recovered and lived for 3 more years. Thank you for giving us that extra time – we all appreciated it more than you know.
Susan Scott


I had an excellent experience at Vetcision, from the front desk staff to the doctors.
When I first called, one of the doctors spent a good amount of time speaking to me. When I got there, everyone was really attentive, on time, and most importantly, gave an accurate diagnosis and an on point diagnosis. My dog healed as Dr. Benson predicted he would, in exactly the amount of time he predicted.
They also have clean, state of the art facilities, and a great staff. They even have a special outdoor potty area for the dogs. Vetcision is the only place I am bringing my animals from now on.
Mar M. Los Angeles, CA


This 24 hour pet hospital was excellent!!! Easy to get to and very friendly…
Gina H. Newton, MA


Dear Dr. Huss,
Thank you so much for fixing me (again)! I am SO happy to be back to “real life.” My sits are nice and tight, I run and play as much as I can. I am so thankful for your skilled hands.
— Banja and Gretchen Caldwell